Financial sustainability is just as important as obtaining financial wealth. At EASI, we will guide you through every step of your financial journey to ensure you enjoy your life to the fullest with your loved ones. 

Our advisers will discuss with you and help you plan your financial journey according to your concerns and aspirations. We will help you coordinate a sound investment strategy, protection plan, and succession and estate planning, aligned with you and your family’s needs. 

Have a chat with one of our advisers, and we’ll walk you through: 

1. Understanding what you need:

Your needs are unique, and we will begin by getting to know you and your family’s financial situation to gain a deep understanding of what services will benefit you the most. 

2. Formulating a strategy:

By reviewing your current financial situation and investment plans, we can analyse your cash flow and income situation, with which we can formulate a strategy best suited to your personal and financial objectives. We always adopt a forward view with the long-term picture in mind. 

3. Creating a tailor-made asset allocation mix:

Managing your wealth will likely involve creating a custom-made asset allocation mix that accurately reflects your risk appetite and taxation requirements across multiple asset types, with the idea of generating the most beneficial outcome. This will be the foundation of your long-term investment strategy.

4. Implementing your strategy:

After due diligence processing and analysis of potential outcomes, we’ll create a portfolio for you. 

5. Regular reviews and revision:

We will provide regular updates and suggest revisions when necessary to ensure your plan is always up-to-date, taking into consideration the changing economic climate, family needs, and lifestyle changes.